Do you need a Trainer or a Behaviour Specialist?


A Behaviour consultant will consult with you in your home, assess your dog and identify Behaviour problems you are having. These may include separation anxiety, barking, fears and phobias, aggression and many more nuisance behaviours that dogs get up to. These are not obedience problems, obedience classes will not help. Some of the most highly trained dogs in obedience have behaviour issues. The consultant will identify the problem and customise a behaviour modification program with ongoing support. Only a Veterinary Behaviour Consultant is qualified to advise on the need for behaviour medication.


A dog trainer will work with you and your dog showing you how to train the dog in basic commands, such as sit, stay, come when called and pulling on lead

A trainer can also advise on other issues such as basic manners, generally a trainer will show you what methods you need to use train your dog. Some trainers will take your dog to their training facility and over a week or so will train your dog to follow basic commands, this is successful in a lot of cases but generally it can be traumatic for the dog to be separated from you and his home. BEWARE of trainers using terminology such as PACK LEADER, DOMINENCE, NOTHING IN LIFE IS FREE, and BALANCED training this protocol is detrimental to the relationship with your dog, they are very outdated methods that science has left behind along with choker collars, prong collars and shock collars. FORCE FREE training only.