It’s Not Just A Walk

It is very important to identify the main intention of the walk.

The traditional intention of taking your dog for a walk is so the dog can have physical exercise, but a walk gives the dog much more. It provides the dog with mental stimulation. a dog gets to see the outside world, hear strange sounds, sniff interesting odours, feel different textures under their paws and experience the world in general. The dog’s senses are fired up and these in turn fire up different parts of the brain keeping the dog mentally fit. It is critical to let the dog process the world around at his own pace, try not to disturb him while sniffing and absorbing all the information. When your dog is sniffing another dog’s poo it is the same as us reading a face book page, they can read how old the dog is, whether it is male or female, what it last had for dinner and what time it left the message plus more. The olfactory senses in a dog are the most powerful of their senses and stimulating that really lights up the brain like a Christmas tree.

the walk - man in snow

Every now and again go a completely different route especially after rain as we know moisture brings the best out of a smell, time and time again I see owners striding along at a fast pace dragging the dog along behind. This is especially sad when it is a little dog and those tiny legs are trying to keep up, also talk to your dog and give him a pat this is your time together and the dogs love it as they are the centre of your attention. During the walk just stop for no reason for a minute or two and let the dog take in the sights, with these small changes you will be surprised in the difference it can make to the dog in a short time.

PS Leave the earphones in your pocket and enjoy your dog.