Shock Collar Experiment


A Dog Trainer advised a client of mine that there was no harm to her dog using a Shock Collar, she wasn’t sure about this so she purchased one to try on herself and a friend. This is her experience in her own words.


I tried a 1-100 E-Collar on myself and a friend because a very well-known local trainer advised me to use one on my dog. I tried it on our palms, wrists and necks, the highest I could go pain-free was level one on my palm, but level one on my wrist hurt like hell. My friend tried a 100 level on his hand (stupid I know) and received severe burn marks on his hand,  He tried a 15 level on his neck and it blasted him off into space, it literally feels like your brain is frying when  you use it on your neck because the electricity flows through your veins and it spreads out from the point of contact, I could only use level one and it was too much for me. My brain felt fuzzy afterwards. The trainer told me the dog only feels a slight tingle, all through this experiment I didn’t have the collar on tight, the recommendation is to have the collar tight and to make sure the metal pins had contact with the skin I did try this at first but the pain was too intense.

NB. A dog’s skin is much finer than a human being so the pain would be a lot worse than my clients.


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This post is very interesting as so many Trainers in Melbourne will tell you these Collars do no harm, even considering it is the Law in Victoria that a vet has to give a dog a health check before using it on any dog. The reason being that the vet has to test the dog’s pain threshold just like us, some dogs can tolerate a lot of pain others not so much plus the side effects are Seizure’s or Heart failure that is not counting the fear that your dog feels, and this can change the emotional state of the dog forever. Plus what the trainer does NOT tell you is that for a dog to learn anything from this treatment it HAS to feel pain. Some owners use remote Collars to teach their dog not to roam off the property, dog’s learn by association, an example is the dog goes to leave the property while a child is walking past and the dog is shocked by the E-Collar and the dog learns when children are near I feel pain, ETREMELY dangerous lesson the dog has learned especially if there are children in the home.