Hi I’m Christine Collins

Over the years I have been the owner of numerous dogs, each one unique in both personality and looks.  Our family always had a German Shepherd as a pet and guardian but I wanted my own dog so my mother said “NO! I will purchase a budgie for you” I was only five at this stage.

When the day came for me to receive my budgie I waited at the bus stop with trepidation for my budgie, when the bus arrived I was handed a box  and inside was the most gorgeous little brown and white Border Collie puppy I had ever seen  I called him “SCAMP”, there never was a budgie.

Scamp and I grew up together and he lived for seventeen years, he supported me through difficult teenage years, marriage, children always by my side. In those times dogs were dogs chasing, hunting snakes, and even chasing the fast moving express trains snapping at the wheels. Since Scamp there has always been a dog in my life.

Tara was born with a compromised immune system and prone to all types of illnesses eventually getting Aspergilla’s in her spine a very nasty disease and she died at four, We regularly attended The German Shepherd club and trained her up to the top class with what we now know as aversive training we were told this is what you had to do to train a Shepherd the guilt has never gone she was so sick but she still gave her all.

We now have two German Shepherds and both have been trained using only rewards NO PUNISHING METHODS. I have educated myself so I could look at the world through a dog’s eyes, gaining a Diploma in Canine Behaviour and also a diploma in Canine Health and Nutrition with BCCS in the UK.  I am now studying for a Graduate Diploma in Canine Behaviour management with Compass Education in Scotland. I have attended workshops and seminars conducted by various knowledgeable teachers, eg; Kersti Seksell, Michael Tucker, Steve Austin, Ian Dunbar, Gabrielle Carter and have read various books and have now a preference for understanding the dogs brain through more study.

I believe the tide is turning in favour of dogs re training methods and understanding the welfare and needs of each dog as every one of them is an individual and need to be treated as such we owe that and more to them.

Kind Regards

Christine Collins