Christine Collins Canine Behaviour Services


Home Consultation

The home is generally the best place to conduct a consultation as we get to observe the dog in their own comfortable safe environment where the issues and problems occur, this will give us greater insight into what is causing the behaviour first hand. A consultation in a neutral area like a park may also be arranged when the home is not possible, however we would like this place to be in a safe area where the problem can be replicated.


Phone Consultations

For clients that are more remote, too far for normal travel or if you need to speak with a professional as a matter of urgency. The Phone Consultation will play a very important role. This will require the owner to fully describe the issues and behaviors in detail as they will be the eyes in this situation. With modern technology it’s easy to take a short video on a smart phone and email it us before hand, we find this to be of enormous help.

What are some of the most common undesirable behaviours

  • Barking
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Escaping
  • noise phobias
  • Destructiveness
  • house-soiling
  • tail-chasing
  • fly-catching
  • Flank-sucking
  • Training Issues



The Home Consultation will last for approximately 1.5 hours –  $ 125.00

The Phone Consultation will last for approximately 1 hour –  $ 75.00

  • Full Insured
  • Help line for the life of the dog*